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29 Jul 2005

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Our Photo Gallery

We hope you enjoy these photos of us and our travels.

Lee & Pat, Dec 2003

Sunset on Maryland's Western shore

Pat's shows us how to eat crab

Lee shows us how to hold a crab while the pinchers still work

Sunrise in St Michaels, MD

Vampira - Pat's 2003 Jack O' Lantern

The Howling - Lee's 2003 Jack O' Lantern

Peanut Butter and Boo Bear. Sadly, Boo had to be put to sleep on 21 May 2004

Peanut, Dec 2003, 9 Months old

Bean's terrified of the camera flash as Pat tries to comfort her.

In Feb, we painted two walls of the living room using a colorwash technique

One of Pat's indoor plants.

A clock we got in Germany.

Michael, Michael Jr., and Megan Kemp. Megan is Lee's daughter.

Lee, Michael, and Bean next to the Family Tradition, Michael's boat.

The house with the ladder on the roof was ours in Germany. The town is named Oberarnbach.

Pat at the Heidelberg Castle. Oh what views!

Some of the best wine we ever tasted came from shop we took this picture from at Heidelberg Castle.

Lee, while we were coming back to America and he had time to grow a goatee.

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